Brochure Design Service

A well-designed brochure creates trustworthiness and reliability among the audience. Being a renowned brochure design company in India, Fillip Technologies offers impressive brochures design to create long-lasting impressions on your potential customer. With a team of highly experienced graphic designers, we create unique designs that help you to stay ahead of the curve. So, boost your sales with our professionally designed brochure.

Types of brochure design

  • Gate fold: These brochures are eight panel structures mostly printed for high-end marketing purposes. The inward fold of this brochure provides more space for information, illustration and images.
  • Bi- Fold: This is one of the most common brochures offered by Fillip Technologies. It is simply created by folding the brochure into two equal halves. Bi- Fold brochure is easy to hold like a book and provides useful information.
  • Z Fold – It is usually folded into a zigzag shape and has six panels that give plenty of space to display image-centric graphic designs. The more advanced version of this brochure is accordion fold.
  • Folder and inserts: A fantastic feature of folder is included in this brochure which makes it more ideal and reliable. The printed sheets of paper that go inside these folders are called Inserts. It provides information on specific topics, products, and services.

Advantages of brochure

  • A well-designed brochure allows you to create a whole marketing strategy and spread accurate information to more potential customers. You can strategically place brochures in a different location; people will read your brochure and know more about your products of the business.
  • Fillip Technologies is a brochure design company that offers cost-effective brochures that fit your budget. Brochures will also decrease in price if you buy in bulk. You can share these with potential customers, business contact, and other individuals.
  • Our brochures allow compacting a lot of information in a small space. Even a tri-fold brochure has a flaps section to describe your product and services in a precise manner.

Whether you need to tell the story of your business or include product details, brochures have plenty of space to convey your entire message to the audience.

Crucial information included in brochures

Being a brochure design company in India, Fillip Technologies has expert designers who provide enough space in the brochure to include vital information about your business such as:

  • Summary of your company or educational institution
  • List of your services or products
  • Company or institution logo
  • Mission Statement
  • Customize your company services showcased

You can use both sides of the brochure and also add inserts such as coupons, discounts or details about the latest deals.

Types of brochure design services

 Fillip Technologies offers a wide range of brochure designing services that may include:

Educational Brochure Design

Our brochure designers create a long-lasting impression for your educational institution and create a big brand identity.

Sales Brochure Design

The unique brochure informs your audience about sales, special promotions related to your products in a unique manner.

Company Brochure Design

Our designed brochures help to improve the visibility of your company in the market.

Product cataloge brochure

Many companies are more likely to invest in the product catalog. Our product catalog brochure emphasizes great features with skillful use of images and generates a great response from the audience.

Introductory Brochure

Our graphic designer mainly creates an introductory brochure to introduce a new business or new products to the masses. The ultimate goal is to attract the audience by spreading awareness about the product and services.

What makes our brochure designs unique?

Fillip Technologies offers unique brochure design services with appealing designs to create the best image of your company or educational institution. We use a perfect blending of text, images, and white space to encourage the reading of the user. Our designers use the right combination of color, professional images, and modern fonts that match your products and services. Hence, they maintain the perfect balance between texts and graphics to convey messages more effectively.

We are providing brochure designing services for many years and has successfully prepared brochures for different businesses. The company has delivered thousands of impressive brochures to many companies around India and abroad as well, hence we are one of the best brochure design companies in India.

Our creative designers use the latest and premium software for designing innovative and high-quality brochures for your company or educational institution.

A brochure is an effective marketing strategy to target prospective customers. Our brochure design company has skilled designers who are accomplished in creating professional advertising brochures. They think out of the box and create professional brochure as per the clients demand and the company’s requirement.

If you are thinking about company promotion, going for brochure designing services will be the best option for you. Hire us for brochure designing services; we will present your business in a graceful and professional manner. The company ensures that you won’t be disappointed by them.