Domain Hosting

Are you looking for the domain host that manages your website more effectively? Then you are on the right place. Fillip Technologies provides you the best domain hosting in India. A domain host is an internet service that manages and records to connect your domain name with email, websites and other web services.

Our domain hosting is the perfect choice for every business and websites that demand maximum security, high performance, and reliability to empower them to maximize ROI without any limitation.

We ensure you that our domain hosting comes with all the best features that you need for a successful business and website. Our company has customized dedicated servers to cover all types of projects and services of high traffic websites.

It provides unique hosting and domain option in the market at a very affordable rate. From domain names to cheapest hosting plan, you can get everything for the setup of your website.

Our hosting servers are specialized to reduce downtime, optimize performance and increases flexibility of your business.

Some features of Domain Hosting

  • It can easily do hardware monitoring and collect wide range of information related to hardware. It works by polling data from the system.
  • Different choice of operating system is available such as windows, Linux, etc.
  • It has 100% performance and SLA guaranteed enterprise grade stability.
  • It offers multiple Hard Disks with RAID 1 and redundant power supply.
  • It gives powerful Hot Swap and Rack Mounted server.
  • It provides dedicated IP address included with servers.
  • There is no need for purchasing and maintain server equipment.
  • 24x7 monitoring of server and supporting of highly skilled tech for your website.

What is the strength of Domain Hosting?

  • It increases performance of enterprises and offers maximum security to your server.
  • We can only reset physical hosting servers for fixing hardware and network problem.
  • Our domain hosting is equipped with business grade SSD drives so that you will get maximum performance as compared to normal VPS on traditional Hard Drive Storage. We offer you best Domain Hosting in India.
  • This hosting server is designed to deliver higher performance so that most demanding web server application runs without any issue.
  • We will give you assurity that every issue will be addressed by us before it affects any firm operation.
  • Our Domain Hosting is fully managed by us and we will completely assist you by configuring your server.

Why to choose our Domain Hosting?

  • Fillip Technologies is the Domain Hosting Company that provides dedicated Hosting server to increase maximum performance of your website. These servers have the unique ability to achieve 99 % uptime with the supportive top notch software and hardware.
  • For a high traffic on the website, business needs to grow continuously. A Domain Hosting will offer your website the strength to run quickly, reliably and without any interruption even when your website gets high traffic.
  • Our Domain Hosting servers are isolated from other customer removing the chance of intrusion through software vulnerability. We have implemented strong security of protocol and potential safety measures to protect all data.
  • Our Domain Hosting involves 24x7 monitoring of your server and services. It provides on -site professional staff for minimizing the service interruption and downtime. We will give full assurity that every issue related to business operation will be addressed by us.
  • It is recommended to take regular backup of your server data. We offer backup space with an additional cost which can be going up to your server where you store your backup data regularly using shell script.

With our domain hosting, you will acquire full root access to the server and there will be not any restriction to modify the configuration of software you use. Although we have high quality of domain hosting servers which are capable of running for many years without being fail. If you. We provide complete hardware support from our data center and get it up running immediately.

Fillip Technologies offers you low cost domain hosting that are featured with higher uptime or performance and 24/7 technical support services. We have built the unique hosting packages for you that are highly reliable and fully managed. You will get a profitable and affordable package on the server.