Google Adword Company

If your paid campaign efforts are just washing away your money without any results then it’s time to contact us. In this highly competitive era when most of the businesses are operating online and targeting the right client base through internet. It has become extremely necessary for the businesses to have an outside assistance in order to keep afloat.

Fillip Technologies is a Google AdWords management company in India and has worked for almost a decade with our clients of all commerce sectors. We are the experts in providing a reboot to your pre existing paid campaign and transform them into highly paying profitable investments.

We have the experience of managing thousands of AdWords campaign for various companies. Your monetary resources won’t be wasted in endless trial and errors as we are already aware of the best case scenario for your type of company. For fixing the account structure of your company, we evaluate your relevant keywords and search for the better options, undeniably convincing ads. Needless to say that our experts built steps and measures have proven highly effective in generating new leads for various companies.

Google AdWords is the most leading platform when it comes to paid search advertising. It renders the power in your hands of targeting your customers in the most relevant and precise way. As a leading google add agency in India, we are here to be of assistance in getting you the best Google AdWord service possible.

Google AdWords in India provides the desired assistance in advertising for all kinds of industries and all sizes of business. Whether you are starting from a scratch or just refurbishing the existing Ads campaign, our search specialists at Fillip Technologies guide you through every aspect of the Google AdWords campaign management. The steps we go through in order to provide a rewarding experience for our clients are broadly stated.

Keyword Research – Competitor Campaign Analysis – Campaign & Add Creation – Landing Page Designs – Detailed Reporting

When you opt to work with us, you get our complete assistance and attention; your PPC will be managed by the certified experts. In order to actually benefit from the investment in Google AdWords, it becomes necessary to be with the people who are the experts or else it’s just another expense in your company’s balance sheet. We precisely target the keywords that will drive the customer to your site. The development of an effective ads campaign requires powerful research tools and a great experience in the very industry and we happen to be the professional in that.

Expert Google Ads Services We Offer

  • Keyword research and development
  • Analyzing Google Ads campaign budget
  • Competitor’s ads analysis
  • Optimization & creation of landing page
  • Google Ads campaign set up
  • Copy creation & testing of Google Ads
  • Conversion rate review
  • Content analysis & modification
  • Google analytic analysis
  • Current bid modifications

Our Objectives and Strategies

  • Our goal is to turn every cent of your investment into a significant level of profit through creating a sustainable and effective campaign.
  • Determining the perfect keyword through research is the foundation behind a successful campaign. The keywords are assessed to which one has the best potential to provide the best ROI
  • .
  • The understanding of how your competitive businesses are operating and running Google Ads campaign can prove quite beneficial in providing some insights for your bid.
  • We set up your Ads campaign by creating multiple ad variation which has to be modified regularly to achieve the desired highest level of conversion rate possible.
  • We have a greatly skilled designing and development team that is capable enough to redirect your advertisement’s path and transform its engagement into highly converting landing pages.
  • Every month you will be provided with the detailed report on the steps taken in regards to enhancing your pages reach and the plan for the forth coming month.

Find professional support for any campaign

  • Search: We create search campaigns influencing automated solutions.
  • Apps: We create the most updated Google app campaign complimented with advanced optimization.
  • Video: We help you reach new audience through our campaign on YouTube and Google video.
  • Display: We develop and execute undeniably appealing visual ads through smart display strategies.
  • Shopping: We help you run effective shopping campaign and set up inventory on Merchant center.

We have had a great track record of developing effective paid search campaign which is specifically designed to focus on meeting your goal. Our team uses powerful researching tools and has various industrial experiences which quite evidently make us one of the best Google AdWords Management Company in India.

Why Google Ads is important for your company

Google Ads offer the most well defined sophisticated paid search platform. The advertisers are empowered to be able to set daily budget of the each campaign and decide the bid for every bid group and the specific keyword. The campaign setting is complimented with some dynamic features like location setting, ad schedule, and mobile setting, all collectively improves your campaign experience and efficiency. The Ads keyboard planner even lets you to brainstorm through the various keywords and evaluate its strength in reference to your campaign.

Relevant content is what makes Google Ads thrive for, hence rewarding the advertisers according to the usefulness and precise relevance to the searchers. If you are looking to improve ads campaign score quality, Fillip Technologies is the way to go. We have a dedicated team of PPC experts with years of experience. We have a great technical knowhow of optimizing and creating campaign for a wide range of industries and some of them are:

  • Healthcare
  • Enterprise
  • Legal
  • IT service
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Home décor
  • Professional services
  • And a lot more.

What helps us to provide the best Google AdWords in India is that our PPC specialist don’t just dive into the project right away, they first analyze every aspect of the client’s business structure including the client’s sales funnel’ visit-to-lead ratio, lead-to-sale ratio, profit margin of the products or services you offer. After going through the analyzing we come up with the most profitable plan for your organization.

Our end goal is to create your organization the campaign that works the best for you and has the greatest ROI, ensuring your company’s profitability. We come up with the best case scenario for both our clients and us, where you do not have to spend too much and still your ads are shown at optimal position. Fillip Technologies believe in working hand-in-hand with our clients and make sure that we both are on the same page.