It Service For Government Sector

As the world is shifting on the digital platform, government agencies too require upgrading their outreach. Proactive, streamlined digital marketing and IT support enables virtualisation, enabling government agencies to have a fully functional digital presence. Fillip Technologies is one of the most renowned IT company in India.

We help you to get a more impactful impression on digital media. Fillip Technologies helps federal state, and local government organizations to keep their technological operations secure. We understand and remain to compliance needs associated with the government.

Just like a private sector, the governmental sites or agencies also need the additional attention to run seamlessly on web. To meet the number of users online, many government agencies hire a digital marketing agency.

We help any government organizations in getting more and more attention on the web. Fillip Technologies serves an extension of the marketing team for the organization who are able to manoeuvre and implement the online strategy on every aspect of digital marketing. Our expertise facilitate your organization  with master SEO, social media and paid search programs while shipping great traffics on search engines.

Our IT Services:

Almost every agency needs technical resources on staffs and for them Fillip Technologies delivers a more efficient and cost-effective way to get the resources needed by your organization. For the development of an attractive and successful website we present some instances which include:

Staff Augmentation:

We have a team of certified engineers and project managers having a variety of expertise to save the time and expense associated with hiring, on boarding, sourcing and training an internal resource. With Fillip Technologies government IT support services, a nationwide network of qualified personnel is at your fingertips.

Strategic Consulting Services:

Fillip Technologies offers comprehensive government IT support whether you need an upgrade in your technology or manage budgeting of upcoming fiscal year. Any and every assistance regarding IT strategy and leveraging technology trends is provided to your government website. 

24*7 Support Service:

A government organization need to access technical support ably to give out the public and also maintain ample internal IT resources is frequently unfeasible. Our technicians ensure that the website of your organization don’t face any kind of   technical issue and can be easily accessible for 24*7.We offer a cost effective service desk to keep your network running optimally and that also maximize the productivity of staffs.

Apart from, IT services we also provide the Digital Marketing Services which help in getting additional attention and traffic on web.

The first step to reach your right audience is to understand the domain of any governmental agency and all its ins and outs. We have a team of expert SEO who do valuable researches and develop strongest strategies. They altogether take care about various steps like:

Brand Identity:

To show the visual effect like promotions of your agency on web, you must need your own brand identity. Fillip Technologies help your agency’s brand identity to define all the aspects of your organization. We ensure that the identity of your brand not allot any negative impression over web and between the audience.

Influencer Marketing:

Fillip Technologies have a team of highly skilled marketers to manage the social media marketing of any governmental website. The influence marketing involves endorsements and product placement from influencers. The purpose of such marketing is to affect the buying habits of audience and attract them towards your website. Our experts do content marketing over various platform of social media including YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and framed the content as testimonial marketing.

Content Creation:

In this contemporary world, content is the most crucial element for a website. We have a team of the finest content writers who are excellent at creating easy to read innovative content. These content help the marketers in maintaining the proper strategies of content marketing to catch attention.

Channel Activity:

From Email Marketing to Social media or SEO to webinar it is fundamental that quality content must have a presence across several relevant channels. By keeping this in mind our team of experts help you in managing the risk of missing any quality leads.

We know that every website have a different audience base but a governmental website have to maintain its dignity that’s why we select the most picky marketing channel. This helps your website to not to squander resources unnecessarily. We suggest you the most ideal channel to drive instant visibility and boost rank to reach a valuable audience.

Key Performance Indicator:

Key Performance Indicator is one of the best ways to monitor the track efficacy of digital campaign which is followed by the digital marketers. The experts of Fillip Technologies ensure that the website of your agency attain the overall report of the campaign. These include the number of audience responding and surfing on website.

Fillip Technologies have pro level SEO managers who follow deep data driven process resulting in effective and long lasting marketing influence on your website. The progress is continuously monitored through comprehensive tracking and reporting with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console etc. With these all-inclusive reporting with insights, our digital marketing methodology is extremely systematic and professional.