Learning Management Software

With the advancement of technologies and constantly increasing the needs of modern learners, traditional classroom becomes less efficient. In this case, Learning Management System is a software application that provides instruction to create and deliver content, manages institutional work and check the performance of students. Fillip Technologies are the one which provide you best learning management system in India.

By using LMS, teachers can easily assign work, share content of syllabus and post grades automatically. The educational institution or schools provides online courses through LMS. Students can easily access to the study materials and other resources that support learning such as online classes through learning management software.

With the growing technology, Learning Management Software is helping more and more students to access quality education.With the growing technology, Learning Management Software is helping more and more students to access quality education.

How does Learning Management System Work?

Learning Management Software supports in learning by providing a space where study material is stored and helps to organize the students. It allows the use of different media like videos, audios and presentation to make classes more interesting and dynamic.

The technological part of LMS includes management of Institution’s data like students enrolled, reporting performance, online classes, chats and many more. You can access the system by easily login into the system. If the system is self hosted then you must either install the software by using hardware drive or access it through our company server.

Types of Learning Management System

  • Cloud Based Learning Management System - This software is often follow (SaaS) software as a service and hosted on cloud. Cloud based LMS maintain the system and performing any technical update. The user can easily access the system from anywhere and at any time.
  • Self Hosted LMS – This software can be downloaded by the user and it provides greater customization and control. Users have to maintain the system themselves and pay for update.
  • Desktop Application LMS: This type of learning management software is installed on the user’s desktop. The application is simply accessible in multiple devices.
  • Mobile Application LMS – This software support mobile learning and smoothly accessible through the mobile devices. This platform allows the user to engage with online learning initiative at anytime and anywhere

Who uses learning management system?

There are two types of users who use learning management system.

  • Instructors: Instructors are the person who creates content and develops plans on a particular subjects. He teaches and monitors the performance of the students.
  • Students – Students can do online courses as a way to acquire new knowledge and use this software application in further studies. In the corporate environment, LMS uses for employee’s training and to update guideline of the companies. It is used for all the operation of companies.

As we see, anyone can use learning management system who is seeking to learn and teach something; all kind of courses are provided in this software. Here instructors also help you to choose the courses then you can smoothly start your studies.

Key Features of Leaning Management system

These are the key features of our learning management software.

  • It helps in assigning various roles, upload courses of classes and generating students report.
  • LMS helps in making course calendar and manages the design of courses.
  • It manages message and notification of institution where user can send remainders and notification of upcoming courses and events.
  • It helps to easily organize educational courses with modules sections and lessons to facilitate learning.
  • We can receive payments securely by using Pay pal in LMS.
  • Learning Management System can easily integrate and import content from other platform such as Drop box, YouTube, etc. It helps in maintaining record of student’s performance and provide certificate to those who have completed education successfully.
  • Growth chart in learning management system helps to monitor educational courses through chart and graphs showing complete data related to institution.
  • Students can easily talk to the teachers and ask question through chat, message and live class video in LMS.
  • It is fully responsive software with optimized support for desktop, mobile and tablets. Most popular browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer supports in learning management system of Fillip Technologies.

Benefits of Learning Management System

There are many benefit of using Learning Management System of Fillip Technologies.

  • It helps to connect large number of students and everyone can learn at the same time.
  • Learning Management Software increases learning accessibility without geographic limitation. It has the ability personalize the learning experience.
  • This software can easily and efficiently update institute modules and activities. It ensures that learning material is being distributed effectively among the students.
  • There is no need to invest money in huge infrastructure. As LMS provides digital classroom for every student. All the work of institution is managed in learning management software.
  • One of the major benefits provided by our Learning Management Software is centralized learning. It allows the school or educational institution to safely manage and store all big data in one location. This allows user to easily update and maintain study materials. It has advanced encryption features that guarantee the data and content are safe and secure.
  • All your study materials are stored in one location instead of being saved in different hard drives and devices. It makes the content handling simpler and reduce the risk of data loss.
  • Students can smoothly access this software on any device with internet. All the educational work is manage by LMS so classroom schedule are not bound by the usual institute time. Extra classes can be scheduled easily in this software and this makes convenient for both student and teachers. To monitor the level of students engagement is very significant. As it helps to develop custom reporting and better improvement of their performance.

In recent years, many higher education institutions have start using learning management software which has made some important changes in their structure and functionality. This software assists the schools in administrating, distributing and managing all the activities that are connected with online education.

Fillip Technologies provides you the more advanced Learning Management system. This software is for every educational institution who wishes to grow rapidly. LMS guarantees better understanding and smooth management of the institution with most positive outcomes.