Pathology Management Software

Managing the daily tasks of a pathology lab needs more efficiency and workforce. Pathology Management Software carries out all these works more efficiently and effortlessly. Fillip Technologies offers you one of the best Pathology management software with a great management system to access your work rapidly. It also helps in increasing the productivity of your pathology centre. Our software eliminates unnecessary data entry, notebooks and printing costs by itself, and gives a direct cost benefit.

We offer instinctive and user-friendly software which help you in improving abidance and assumption towards your business. The overview of the tests available in the laboratory is also shown on it.

Pathology automates the entire laboratory including billing, sample collection on a regular basis, monitoring, pathological tests which are carried out, Test Report Generation, Patient Information management and diagnosis report entry, fees collection, and several MIS reports.

Our pathology management software offers you various services:

  • It receives the investigation request directly from the patient.
  •  Take the patient's registration and also print the receipts.
  • Sample collection investigation.
  • Printing of Patient and test stickers.
  • Consolidation with billing module of patients.
  • Generate Investigation Reports by itself.
  • Give warning to alert you for abnormal values.
  • Test report according to the consultant.
  • Also send report output as PDF.
  • Automatically manage the stock report.
  • Validation of reports before final print to deliver it to patients.
  • Maintain the inventory and accounts on its own.
  • Send every detail by email starting from booking to report delivery.

Pathology Lab Management system

Pathology lab management system provides the most systematic software to deliver the reports rapidly. Fillip Technologies offers you software to manage all the activities involved in your pathology center. We present several test packages according to the customer’s need so that they can book it easily at a place. Our Pathology Management Software also keeps all the details of patients. It gives cost reduction, improves efficiency and also increases profit with flexibility and transparency.

Laboratory Management Software provided by Fillip Technologies

Nowadays technology is laying out in every sector, expanding and advanced technology is approaching. Every laboratory must modernize them by using Laboratory Management software to manage, track and securely centralize the data.

A highly enlightened Pathology management system is efficient in managing all kinds of tests such as examination of blood, stimulation of thyroid, urinalysis and many more. Laboratory management system offers cytology, hematology, microbiology, parasitology, toxicology, mycology and serology also .Patients can directly send the reports to the doctors as we provide the facility of providing reports in pdf form. It reduces the manual work, and does the communication faster. .

Special Features of Pathology Lab Management

  • Provide facility to access the software easily on mobile in any browser.
  • The results can be downloaded easily on your mobile.
  • Have a search menu to search if you got stuck somewhere.
  • To be in touch with patients we have a facility of Email and SMS.
  • Send reminders to regular patients automatically.
  • Software is accessible for first time users.
  • No additional charges for staff’s commission.
  • Patients can easily book appointments by just one click.
  • No additional charges for trail and gives discount on first appointment.
  • Patients will get a notification of confirmation of appointment on their Email and SMS as well.
  • Patients have also an option to cancel the appointment on the same day of booking.

Pathology management software in India provides the Electronic Patient Reports. The recording of information regarding patients or keeping any data in a file has various advantages. Keeping records of reports in pdf form allows you to take print whenever you want. 

Benefits of Our Pathology Management Software

When you are switching to the Pathology software it automatically provides you popularity, you can put advertisements of you lab. We share user-friendly software, so that it can be easily accessible for people of any age. It also improves your business and work more rapidly. People always want their work to be done as soon as possible.

Our software also allows you to do multiple works at a time, easy minimization facility is provided. The software gives you the facility to operate Lab activities from anywhere on any device anytime. Your data will be secure and no extra infrastructure is needed for it. It consist an Advance reporting format which instantly generates the reports with no data limit. It manages small scale accounts and also manages multiple branches.

The software fulfils all the needs and deeds of a pathology lab whether it is small or big. It provides the facility of multiple entries with no limit of data. Entered or saved data can be kept in Hard disk or any other storage device. It also facilitates the patients to put their feedback according to their experience.

Without opening any mail client you will be able to send the report directly to the patient through mail. Our software helps you in managing the account and inventory automatically and it deletes the records of patients automatically by date range. If you don’t want to keep records for the future you can delete it whenever you want. At the time of recording the software generates a unique code per entry for the patient. Spontaneously it shows the history of patients by entering the patient code. With this facility it saves the data of a regular client and sends a remainder to them in SMS format. 

Our Pathology Management Software divides the reports into segments of daily, weekly and monthly cash collection. It also equipped with the facility of the modulation of font type and colour. This helps the report looks more attractive with highlighted points. It shows the reports department wise and has a special column for every department. You can check your reports by choosing your selective department instead of wasting time in surfing other departments.

Application facility of Pathology Lab Management

We have the facility of mobile applications too which is more convenient for the users of the younger generation. This application shows a user-friendly interface and is accessible for every user like Android, IOS and Windows. It allows the user to write any comment regarding your queries and give feedback according to the patient's experience. With the application you can also manage the account and inventory on your phone if the desktop is not available at the time. Using mobile applications is more convenient nowadays with keeping this in mind we have launched our pathology management application so that anyone can easily go through it.

Fillip Technologies is providing you with one of the best application in the pathology sector that helps you in booking your appointment more quickly and easily. Your appointment can be booked more conveniently by just one click. If you don’t want to keep an application then you can directly use our pathology management software on web. Our experts made it convenient enough to access in any browser. The software and the application consume very less data so that you can use it comfortably without getting worried about the data.