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Hospital Management Software(HIMS)

Fillip Technologies is Comprehensive yet easy to use Hospital Management Software with revolutionary features for simplifying Hospital Management in Patna, Bihar. Easy access to accurate information and automation of complex task are key focus of the Fillip Technologies Pvt. Ltd. , thereby enabling optimal utilization of valuable resources to allow for qualitative and quantitative improvement in Patient's care service of the hospital in patna.

Some Salient Features are:

  • Patient registration, Outdoor Consultancy, Tests Consultancy.
  • Case record/Doctor prescription.
  • Indoor-Entry, Treatment, Patient release, Room Transfer, Operation Record.
  • Billing for both indoor and outdoor type of patients.
  • Different section for OT billing for in patients.
  • Separate module for Pathology department for its billing and dues system.
  • Complete report of payment and transaction for patients.
  • Full or Daily collection report for each user with department wise.

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  • ☛ Section Setup
  • ☛ Service Setup
  • ☛ Admission
  • ☛ Doctor Assignement
  • ☛ Section & Bed Allocation
  • ☛ Service Allocation
  • ☛ Accounting Integration
  • ☛ Discharge
  • ☛ Registration Patient.
  • ☛ Appointment Management.
  • ☛ Doctor Referred or appointment.
  • ☛ Token Print.
  • ☛ Doctor Visit and Vital Condition Entry.
  • ☛ Medicine Allocation based on physical Condition.
  • ☛ Investigation Allocation.
  • ☛ OPD payment.
  • ☛ Print Prescription.

The Pharmacy Software offers both Inpatient and Outpatient services that include satellite Pharmacy and Home infusion service.

The concepts and design of pathology lab module are to ensure that it can meet the demanding requirements that ideal software should have to manage today’s busy pathology labs.

  • ☛ Labs are considered as one of best highest source of revenue. Therefore, this software will help you to Expand Your Business, Process more samples, and increase your revenues.

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