School Management Software(SMS)
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School Management Software(SMS)

  • School Management Software designed to handle all school work. It can handle various modules like Students details, results, attendance, Teacher/Staff details & attendance, Tuition fees, Library system, courses, school website etc.
  • It is very innovative and fully-featured solution for school having all aspects of the school starts from student inquiry to alumni, providing solution to any size, any board and any sector of schools.
  • It enables smooth functioning of the daily operations of the school. It provides parent-school interactions instantly to bridge the communication gaps.
  • School Management System is a large database system which can be used for managing your school's day to day business.
  • If you are searching for best school management software in Patna, Fillip Technologies is having the best place in this sector.
  • We are successfully helping 200+ schools to manage their schools effectively with our services. Quick decisions based on real time data of every department of school.
  • Fillip Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is providing the best school management software in Bihar with best quality and services.
  • In this trend of software, Fillip Technologies is considered as the best school management software in Patna and Bihar as well.

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Importance of School Management Software:

  • ☛ An effective way of communication.
  • ☛ A much better way to store data.
  • ☛ Better work quality.
  • ☛ Filing records.
  • ☛ Reducing costs.
  • ☛ Scheduling of Tasks
  • ☛ Easy and Faster Communication
  • ☛ Time Consuming.
  • ☛ Transparency
  • ☛ Access from anyone
  • ☛ Complaints and Query Management
  • ☛ Fees Management

Other Advantages which includes:

  • ☛ Attendance.
  • ☛ Parental access to the progress of their students studying in that school
  • ☛  Emergency information pertaining to students.
  • ☛  • Scores of tests.

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