Inventory and Billing Management Software(I&BMS)
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Inventory And Billing Management Software

Inventory and Billing management software is one of the best services provided by the Fillip Technologies. It is considered as the best Retail and Wholesale management software in Patna.

Inventory management and billing management software are the best software in Patna and Bihar as well provided by Fillip Technologies. It is considered as the top inventory management software in India. This software is used for Dataflow wise log creation, stock control as well as non-stock item (services) Bill generation, Suppliers dues tracking etc.

Some Dominant Features are:

  • ☛ Bill and item wise purchasing and sale's report.
  • ☛ Bill and Receipt can also be printed on both thermal and inkjet type printers.
  • ☛ Supplier and Customer Dues Report.
  • ☛ Provides the best GST Software in Bihar.
  • ☛ Purchase order generation.
  • ☛ Auto Barcode Generation Print and Scan Features.

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Importance of School Management Software:

  • ☛ An effective way of communication.
  • ☛ A much better way to store data.
  • ☛ Better work quality.
  • ☛ Filing records.
  • ☛ Reducing costs.
  • ☛ Scheduling of Tasks
  • ☛ Easy and Faster Communication
  • ☛ Time Consuming.
  • ☛ Transparency
  • ☛ Access from anyone
  • ☛ Complaints and Query Management
  • ☛ Fees Management

Other Advantages which includes:

  • ☛ Attendance.
  • ☛ Parental access to the progress of their students studying in that school
  • ☛  Emergency information pertaining to students.
  • ☛  • Scores of tests.

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