Automates and enhances your company productivity with our ERP Software in Patna.

Fillip Technologies is one of the best platforms for the ERP Software company in Patna sometimes just known as (Enterprise Resource Planning) and ERP software lies among our best products that are being delivered successfully to our clients.

ERP software is used by organizations looking to manage their business functions with a centralized and integrated system. ERP is commonly used by companies working within the supply chain to help keep track of all the moving parts of manufacturing and distribution. In short, it is a software that manages business processes for a company, or, in the case of schools, colleges, etc.

The way it works is that ERPs feature multiple “applications,” or tools, that work together seamlessly to connect departments and bring the data from those various departments together into one database. Whatever task you need to complete — be it compiling a detailed year-end report or simply checking on the status of your Accounts Receivable — ERPs put all the information you need right at your fingertips.

It offers all sorts of best facilities for , ERP Software for college, ERP software for Hospitals, being the best ERP Software Company in Patna. We’ve built several different ERP software systems in order to more appropriately serve different types of school districts based on factors such as schools, colleges, hospitals at various locations, and more.

ERP for School - Fillip Technologies is developing one of the most advanced and user-friendly school ERP software for managing all sorts of various school activities and is capable of managing various information systems. 

ERP for colleges – Fillip Technologies is among the best platforms for ERP Software and develops the most advanced and user-friendly web application which integrates and manages all sorts of various college activities.

ERP for Hospitals – ERP for hospitals and health systems helps them enhancing patient care, productivity, and profitability and managing the activities for the doctors, patients, and all the employees. It is necessary for hospitals and other healthcare institutions to integrate the patient database with crucial information on doctors and employees. Doctors and clinicians need real-time information on their patients’ diagnostic reports to facilitate communication and make their treatment and therapies more effective. In addition, various departments in hospitals need automated solutions to integrate their core services, support services, and back-office operations.


  1. More Money Saved
  2. Improved Collaboration
  3. Better Analytics
  4. Improved Productivity
  5. Happier Customers
  6. Simplified Compliance and Risk management
  7. Improved Inventory Monitoring
  8. Improved Production Planning and Resource Management

The Importance of ERP far outweighs the initial cost, time and effort involved in implementation if you choose the right solution.