To restructure the paperless administration of schools and educational institutions, Fillip Technologies have developed school management software for hassle-free administration of the school. School management is gradually becoming a crucial part of our education system. The authorities of the schools from all over the world have adopted this software in numerous activities to proficiently supervise the day to day functions of the school and provide a better educational ambience to the students. Educational Management is a multi-faced activity. It is a social process that is designed to ensure co-operation participation, intervention and involvement of others in the effective achievement of given or determined objectives.

Fillip Technologies provide various modules in the school management software that are of great help for the teachers and staff in maintaining student records, academic history, and other essential student information.

So far, several other software has been introduced in various other areas, education was the only genre where digitalization is introduced lately. Since the time of the introduction of school management software, there has been rapid growth and development. This is because technology always helps you to move forward in life.

Let's explain you the core functions of School Management Software (SMS)
School Administration: One of the most important modules is the school administration module. Handling the day to day activities become difficult for any school administration department. Therefore, Fillip Technologies software helps educational institutions to reduce the time and maintain school data accuracy. Some of the Benefits of this module

  • Print Fees Receipt By Pre Defined Fees Structure
  • Capturing photos of parents by webcam for security
  • Capturing a photo of a student by webcam during the process of admission
  • Quick and easy retrieval of Data And Report Generation

Collection of School Fees: School management software enables the school to collect student fees easily by filling a single form. This faultless fees collection process not only helps the authority but also the parents who can submit the fees without wasting much time in the school offices.

Managing Data: School Management Software is basically designed for collecting data of the staff and students in school. School database module allows updating, adding and deleting data provisions for the students and employees. This database module also permits the management of different data of allowances as well as the deductions of the salary of staff members.

Attendance of Staffs & Students: Tracking attendance is a time consuming and tiring task in school. The School Management Software will refrain from marking the attendance manually. Attendance module is user-oriented and user-friendly for the staff and teachers.

Mentioned above are some of the well-elaborated modules that we have developed for your school.
The software that has been developed for the schools have much more facilitates then the above-explained modules.

We shall be pleased to go ahead with the details of the software depending on your positive response and faith in our organization.